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      文章来源:重点研究室  |  发布时间:2021-04-06  |  【打印】 【关闭


        应中国科学院可再生能源重点实验室和广东省新能源和可再生能源研究开发与应用重点实验室的邀请,来自伊朗阿米尔阿比尔理工大学(Amirkabir University of Technology)的Mohammadjafar Kermani教授将于2021年4月8日(周四)来访并举行学术报告会。报告会安排如下:

        时    间:下午14:30-16:30

        地    点:新能源大楼908会议室

        报告题目:Application of Fluid Mechanics to Meet the Requested Design Criteria for Variety of Problems

        报告人:Prof. Mohammadjafar Kermani


        Mohammadjafar Kermani is the recipient of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) fellowships in one of its highest levels. His research interest falls in fluid mechanics. Examples include shock waves and compressible ?ows, PEM fuel cells flow field deigns, steam turbines, drag reduction techniques in aeronautics applications.

        He received his B.Sc. as the second ranked student in 1991 in Mechanical Engineering from Shiraz University, Iran, M.Sc. as the top student in 1994 in Applied Mathematics from Manchester University, U.K, and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University, Canada. He performed a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in University of New Brunswick, where he was also hired as a sessional lecturer. In his resume, there exist several awards and honors such as German Alexander von Humboldt fellowship at experienced levels, German DFG grant, winner of the 1st poster prize, MITACS Atlantic Int., Halifax, NS, Canada, etc. He has so far published 151 papers and has two approved patents. He is a professor of Thermal-Fluids in Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic).



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